Week recap: PS3 80GB, Wii ahead, Xbox 360 Elite

Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 soared at UK retail, moving 165,000 units at launch. Sony released the PS3 to Europe on Mar. 23.
Sony this week confirmed that it has filed an option to produce a PS3 SKU featuring an 80GB hard drive. It has dismissed any current plans to release the version to retail.

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theagony4306d ago

Dragons lair was such a funny game on Amiga I remember. Good to hear that it is commin to deep blue ray too. And I'm very happy to hear that nintendo is far ahead of competitors, finally they started to get what they deserved, I'm a sony supporter but I accept the truth of nintendo is such a creative and idealist company, unlike ms

GameJunkieJim4306d ago

You know, I have Dragons Lair on DVD, the original Don Bluth arcade game, that works on any DVD player, so why do I need it on BluRay?

theagony4306d ago

well this game is available on both pc cdrom and dvd and now it is comming to bd.
So if you would be somebody who doesn't have either one of these versions like I'm which one would you get? since I have a blue ray ps3 I have chance to get the high defination one;)

GameJunkieJim4306d ago

I understand, but the point is that the game is over 20 years old, what bonus is high definition going to confer when the source material is barely even 480i?

I just don't see that (high definition) as beneficial in the slightest to actual gameplay.

Shaka2K64306d ago

And thats beacuase 80Gb hard drives are easier and to produce so i heard, im already running out of my space on my 60Gb PS3, so i will probably end up buying a 80 PS3. good stuff!

' ' And I'm very happy to hear that nintendo is far ahead of competitors, finally they started to get what they deserved, ' '

Sorry not to share your noltasgia for nintendo, but i have owned all nintendo consoles exccept the wii and dont plan to buy it in the near future, beacuase nintendo has been going down the hill since the n-64 and they are all about making profit and milking 30 year old franchises.

OutpostCommand4306d ago

I kind of...agree.
Ask a Nintendo fan the best games on Wii, and expect to hear the words 'Zelda', 'Mario', and 'Metroid' multiple times. The fact is, apart from these really old cash cows, there is little in terms of games which interests me about the Wii.
Well, maybe, MAYBE, Excite Truck, but thats it.
I cant think of any other good games for the Wii.
And dont you dare say 'Wii Sports'.