Nidzumi E3 2009: The Publisher's Preview, Part One

Nidzumi writes: "All right I'll admit that nobody really cares about announcements at E3 unless it's from a major hardware developer. It's all part of the circle of life but probably not as serious or complex. Nevertheless there are a few surprises and titles to look out for from the publishers this year.

Starting with Activision who are mainly focusing on the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 2 and the highly doubted Tony Hawk's Ride. We already know that the previously mentioned Modern Warfare 2 will be great along with Guitar Hero 5 and the upcoming Prototype. While on the other hand it would be nice to get in-depth looks at DJ Hero and Tony Hawk's Ride, if only to see if they are worthy of all the doubt that me, you and everyone else is casting upon them. A few licensed properties make up the bill along with, one of my personal ones to watch out for, Bizarre Creation's Blur."

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