X-Play: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Multiplayer First Look

X-Play previews the multiplayer portion of the PS3 exclusive Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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II Necroplasm II4406d ago (Edited 4406d ago )

You can record your matches! That's pretty sweet.
Uncharted 2 multiplayer looks like a blast.

Muggles4406d ago (Edited 4406d ago )

All the goodness of regular single player Uncharted, plus multiplayer, plus recording and even better graphics than the original which still hasn't been surpassed!

GOTY 2009.

4406d ago
Cwalat4406d ago

Only 4 more days!!!! :D


PotNoodle4406d ago

lokiroo420, why did MS even need to be brought up? This is a PS3 topic, type of comments like that is what turns comment sections into all-out wars.

ultimolu4406d ago

lokiroo, that was unnecessary.

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cmrbe4406d ago

MGS4 and KZ2 especially already surpass Uncharted. Uncharted is still slightly better in terms of environment but MGS4 and KZ2 is better than Uncharted in every other areas visually.

Kleptic4406d ago

all 3 stand as the 3 best looking titles of this generation without question...they all have strengths, and few if any weaknesses...MGS4 arguably has the most photorealistic settings, but any 3 of these engines could do that effectively...MGS 4 arguably has the weakest particle effects out of the 3 (killzone 2 takes it because of procedural wind, but uncharted had some ridiculously awesome animated volumetric smoke of its own) think that nothing will top real time animation of Uncharted, then play killzone 2 and watch what happens when you fill an enemy with assault rifle fire...and all 3 of these games have the most impressive lighting engines of gaming entirely...

seriously...if you sit through the last 2 hours of Uncharted, Act IV of MGS4, or Saluman bridge or Visari Hammer of killzone 2...and walk away unimpressed...nothing this generation should impress you so doesn't get any better than that yet...

hazeblaze4406d ago

LOL, the PS3 is setting a new standard in gaming this year! I can't wait for this game. And inFamous is so much freakin fun, I haven't been on these boards in nearly 2 days... great time to be a gamer!

phosphor1124406d ago

...or maybe I'll just save up 60 bucks >_>

This games looks t*ts. Definitely getting it.

Ashriel4406d ago


"like the wars need any propagation to start up, why so sensitive over such a mild comment GROW UP."


PrimordialSoupBase4406d ago

As long as it hasn't taken away from the singleplayer team, do whatever Naughty Dog.

clintos594405d ago

As nuch as i love the ps3 as much as anyone else does, u didnt have to bring that up. I mean why steep low as alot of the 360 fanboys on this site who have nuttin but hate for the ps3 and go around wasting der time disagreeing with us just because we have amazing games to play. Let them be who they are, and dont put yourself down to there level. I mean is it our fault, they dont wanna buy a ps3 and enjoy the best of both worlds?

D2ThaEasy4405d ago

How many more will die in the video game wars. People take things too serious, if the guy wants to say xbox sucks then let him, more power too him.

lokiroo4204405d ago

Pathetic, sure ill take advice from some nobodies off da interwebz, tissues for all, dont be shy, you all need some.

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Skyreno4406d ago (Edited 4406d ago )

WOW !! you can record,take pictures,didnt expect that in game ..OH HECK yeah im getting This Game

SolidAhmed4406d ago

a first day buy for me

any body knows how i can get in to the beta ?

hazeblaze4406d ago

Yes, you can purchase a copy of inFamous. Free Uncharted 2 vouchers with the first batch of releases... That's how I got mine! And inFamous is an aweomse game as well.

BiggCMan4406d ago

yea u had to reserve infamous and u would have got a voucher, i picked it up yesterday and i got my voucher, im really happy. it kicks off june 3rd baby

ian724406d ago

Looks like one amazing multiplayer.
This game is going to rock.

Dead_Cell4406d ago

Is it just me,or does that look like the weapon that going to be hated the most?
Y'know,rocket launcher in Killzone.
Underslug grenade launcher in COD.
The kind of "OMG WHAT A NOOB" weaponry we've come to expect in every new multiplayer game.

Finalfantasykid4406d ago

maybe, but at least it not quite as ultimate as the rocket launcher in Killzone2.

First of all, you don't get extra body armor in Uncharted, and second of all, in Uncharted you are going to have to account for gravity, unlike in Killzone where the rockets go straight. So some skill will be involved. But if the splash damage radius is huge, then it won't matter how good you are at aiming, just lob them over in the general direction of the enemy, and presto you are using a noob weapon.

Unicron4406d ago

I wonder how tactical this will end up being... pulling guys off the side of buildings and all. Hopefully their map design is nicely vertical. Can't wait.

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