Game Informer Reviews Red Faction: Guerrilla

The Red Faction series is built on the promise of destruction. For the two games that appeared on PlayStation 2, the execution of said promise was tempered by the technological constraints of the hardware. The highest destructive capability empowered the player with the ability to tunnel through dirt and rock.

Red Faction: Guerrilla approaches destruction in a different way. In this experience, players do not tunnel through the underbelly of Mars. In fact, they can't upturn one piece of dirt. The ability to dig holes is replaced with the power to destroy ­buildings.The technology behind this ability is far beyond anything you've seen in a game before; it's one of this generation's most significant technological breakthroughs. None of the chaos is scripted. When a building falls, a cloud of smoke doesn't mask its collapse. A rocket blast to a wall doesn't create the same hole each time.

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cranium4403d ago

Demo is really fun, but I won't be able to buy this one :(

Hellsvacancy4403d ago

And me - i thought the demo sucked balls but ill give it a rent theres a lot worse out

SL1M DADDY4403d ago

But not until I have all shards in inFAMOUS. ;-)

ElementX4403d ago

Wow another good game?!?!?! Give my wallet a break!

Why o why4403d ago

Give my social life a chance!!


but not much free time to play them. LOL! I have yet to open a few games that I even have played. Honestly I hope this game is really good, the last two specially the first were great.

Only if I could borrow some time!!

N4PS3G4403d ago

didn't like the generic demo ..but whatever

Kleptic4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

yeah me neither...but didn't like the originals either...oh well, hope it does well...its not terrible at all, just doesn't stand out that much against the plethora of awesomeness coming out regularly...

its to the point now where a game with good mulitplayer will last me at least 5 months...with killzone 2 now, I have no desire to play any other titles at this point...whatever free time I have has been spent on that with friends for the past few months...i'm not buying infamous right away because of fact Uncharted 2 might be the next game I buy, and will most likely skip MW2 altogether if killzone 2 is still as fun as it is now...which is seemingly getting better and better as I play more and more...

Downtown boogey4403d ago

Did you see the A.I. in the demo? Or the graphics? Uhhh... Also the weapons are far from... Meaty.

psycho3604403d ago

Agree with the above comments. The destruction also was a bit over the top, the jeep hitting one side of the building and it falls like card house. It like mercernaries 2 but with slightly better graphics and controls but nontheless not deserving 9/10.

ian724403d ago

Another game with high review score.
Great time to be a gamer, ps3 especially with Infamous.
Need more money.

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The story is too old to be commented.