Sony PooS on competition, Apparently

Not happy with all the amazing press coverage competitor Nintendo has accrued with the daft toilet-humour name for its forthcoming console, Sony it seems has gone one better and, according to German website Gamefront, registered the name 'P oo S'

Gamefront reports: "Sony has patented 'P oo S', but we don't know what it is. Perhaps it's the name of the controller." The site also says that oo is the symbol for infinity, which actually looks like this; 8

If it does make use of the infinity sign, which is what the PS2 network has always had, then Spong suspect that it's far more likely that this is the name for the PS3 online network, previously referred to at E3 last month as 'PlayStation Network Platform'.

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Ugly American5432d ago

I keep seeing PoS3 posted by the fanboys all over these forums, and now it looks like Sony has embraced something similiar. We have the Wee'S and the Poo'S. Interesting.

Oops, be right back. I have to go to the restroom.

Shadow Flare5432d ago

what the...this is completely mental haha

geez what other industry other than games would you get this kinda stuff haha. I love the way the picture of the infinity symbol has a neat brown glow around it. Haha. I think with Wii, we all knew it sounded like 'wee' but the symbol of Wii never really justified the name. You gotta love this symbol though haha. That's funny material

Marriot VP5432d ago

So sony wants people to bundle PS3's and Wii's. Strange really, but I guess you can't have a Wii without Poo

Ugly American5432d ago

I have Wii's without Poo's all of the time.

Jak4ever5432d ago

now if we could only take a Poo without a Wii I think the next.. ahh never mind, im sooo full of crap.

Sphinx5432d ago

PooS take too long and stink really bad (metaphor?)... especially when you PooS in your pants.

SjaakHaas5432d ago

Yeah but does ur Wii smell good? Or is it just the Poo you smell?

Shadow Flare5432d ago

You see, while the Wii is a cheap and fun experience, the duration of it is not that long and in the end, games will trickle out until nintendo can't get anymore out. Of course, when the games trickle to nothing, you will ocassionally get the odd squirt of games come now an then

PooS on the otherhand are more delayed in their coming but they are a MUCH more pleasurable experience, AND they last longer. You see, with PooS, you get the whole package. A thick wod of quality gaming coming out in one plop, and steady 'machine gun' like game plops that flow continuously for years to come. Now if blu-ray is a success, then all is smooth and incredbly satisfying, but if blu-ray flops, then sony may have to start really straining to get the quality stuff out. Who knows, maybe sony will strain so hard that blu-ray will cause their company to go bust and they'll die on the toilet seat? I don't think so though

The 360 is more likened to diarrhoea. It comes out first, but its a kinda gush of crap that no-one wants. Sure, you may have stayed home from work to experience your diarrhoea on launch day, but the experience just isn't as nice as a Wii or PooS. Some strange people DO enjoy the sensation of diarrhoea, but on the whole, every normal person is glad when its gone. The Xbox 360 is:

-Something that has arrived first, but has just gushed out a load of crap, with the few exceptions of a nice game plopping out with the waterfall of crap

-It' pointless and
-No-one wants diarrhoea, ESPECIALLY the japanese

DrunKao5432d ago

That was funny as hell. I had a very good laugh, thanks alot Shadow Flare.

I don't agree with the Xbox 360 being like diarrhea. My experience has been more akin to having multiple orgasms. The first time was very intense and satisfying (launch day), with the following being a little more intense (GRAW), a little more satisfying, while sometimes also being exceptionally long (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion). But I expect in the cumming months and years that the orgasms will grow in intensity exponentialy, maybe even becoming unbearably pleasurable (Halo 3).

"-No-one wants diarrhoea, ESPECIALLY the japanese"
I don't know Shadow Flare, there was this japanese girl in a tub..... maybe she had just finished watching Sony's E3 '06 Press Conference and couldn't contain herself. Atleast she was in a tub, so she could take a quick bath, 'cause man there was PooS EVERYWHERE!

YoJ1Mbo5431d ago (Edited 5431d ago )


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Moostache5432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

I was laughing too hard and had to step out to have a Nintendo Console...

This is too easy, but does that mean we can officially call the PS3 a piece of Poo now?

The toliet humor of the Japanese console makers is awesome. Who would have ever thought that Sony would possibly go so far as to trademark a slang term for feces as a possible logo? Too much already...

da 365432d ago

sony does'nt have a mind of their own its almost like they didn't know they were coming out with a system.

Killswitch5432d ago

1.Sony just can't make up there own idea's, they always have to take from someone elses plate.

2.They try to sale us broke up ass machines.

3.Then they cry when someone talks about 'em.

4.I believe there scared to accept defeat.