Destructoid's Real Life Psychic E3 2009 Predictions

Destructoid writes:

"Every year, all of the videogame Web sites put together a list of predictions of what games they think will be hinted at, talked about, or dramatically unveiled at the world's biggest annual gaming convention: E3. In fact, we tend to do the same thing -- just last year we did one of those traditional predictions posts as well.

This year, however, we decided to do something a little different (this is Destructoid, after all). Instead of a normal list of educated guesses based on the varying leaks and rumors that have been cropping up as of late, I decided to explore the seedy streets of Los Angeles to find a real-life psychic to do the predicting for us!

So, what was the result? Could a random Los Angeles psychic who knows nothing about videogames make more accurate predictions than someone in the gaming industry? What did Madame Christine have to say about next week's big show?"

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Smacktard4402d ago

Hey, I'm a psychic too!

Without even reading this article, I predict that it sucks.

So, how'd I do, guys?

Chris3994402d ago

You should actually read things before judging them. The tarot readings were particularly illuminating, considering that the psychic was some old dame that knew nothing about video games.

A fun read, really.

jack_burt0n4402d ago

best article on e3 09 yet by a long way destructoid FTMFW!! dont knock the tarot or do if ur an idiot lol

Lekumkee4402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )


Shnazzyone4402d ago

Now i will eagerly be awaiting E3 purely to see if this lady was right on anything. Lord I hope what she says about Nintendo isn't right. But good for the sony folks... looks pretty darned good for you guys but then most of you already knew you'd have something good.

snaz274402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

but are you a nintendo wii only owner? nothing sinister in the question just ive never met one on this site before... and yeah i think its common knowledge the ps3 will be getting some awesomestuff... i mean some of it is alreday known... but im sure aswell that everyone no matter what camp your in will have something to be pleasee about at e3... not long now guys... oh btw the article is pretty funny and not taken seriously... read it im sure most will like it... but yeah im gonna bookmark it and see what happens lol

Shnazzyone4402d ago

Yep, currently a wii only owner still... well wii and ds. I have plans to grab a 360 at some point but not a ps3 this gen. Maybe when it hits the old console age i'll grab it. Till then i'll just pay attention. Besides there does have to be at least one nintendo exclusive individual here. I love and love to hate the company. They never give me just what i want but when i get something good i get something really really good.