Tekken 6 storyline announced

After the recent excitement following the unveiling of the first official Tekken 6 trailer at Japan's AOU arcade show on February 16th, Namco Bandai Games International brings us more mouth watering anticipation by finally revealing its storyline in depth.

PSU is proud to bring you the one and only Tekkenzaibatsu plot:

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jpod4276d ago

Straight out of the forums. I was gonna post this news, but I didn't know how to go about it. There is also reliable people saying that a 3rd character is shown in the trailer.

caffman4276d ago

they have a plot???????

techie4276d ago

Tekken's always had a plot

Genki4276d ago

that is definitely the corniest plot I've heard for Tekken(if true). I'm sure the game will be stellar as always though, can't wait.

Xi4276d ago

all fighting games should just stick to the, tournament for money/revenge/self judgment scheme, peronally I like DOA's story the moest.

Ps3Fanboy7774276d ago

Really they need to make ALL fighting games better. They are all the same thing with different textures. FPS is getting to that point as well.

jpod4276d ago

People don't really like change. Look at Tekken 4. It is known as the worst Tekken ever by many and only few will say it was good and a smart move by Namco. So to change it would mean you would or could hear a lot of complaints.