Tech Digest: Ten changes we'd make to the PSP

Tch Digest: "Both the PlayStation and PS2 received much needed makeovers during their lifetimes, but the good old PSP has yet to receive similar treatment. We know it will happen someday – in fact Sony Computer Europe's UK Managing Director, Ray Maguire has already stated as much – Sony just hasn't finished working on it yet. Now that the pesky business of launching the PS3 is out of the way, there should be plenty of top bods with time on their hands to get it sorted. But before the brainstorming finishes, we have a wish list of the changes we'd like to see in a new version."

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hfaze4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

A faster refresh screen (to get rid of the nasty ghosting you see in PSP games)

A better analog stick (at least something that feels more like the pointer nubs on laptops)

BETTER BATTERY LIFE (shrink the die size on the chips, go with a dual-core MIPS R4400 instead of two physical chips, go with an Organic Electro-Luminescent screen, or LED backlight for the LCD... SOMETHING to help with the battery life)

Faster UMD drive (UMD is now a two year old technology, there's got to be a way to make the UMD drive 2x, 4x, or even 8x faster than the one that was originally designed for the PSP. REDUCE THE LOADING TIMES...)

Honestly, anything other than those improvements would be cool, but these are the biggies I'm hoping for out of a re-design...

WTF4276d ago

The only thing that I want as a PSP owner is simple:GAMES!!!!For the love of God GAMES!!!!Even some Sony president said that they are forgetting the Psp.

Armyless4276d ago

I try to post PSP games updates on here but they don't meet the fanatical PS3 vs. 360 level of attention.

Hang tight, things are really going to take off for that little bugger.