TurboGrafx-16 Virtual Console Releases for April

With April showers come TurboGrafx-16, uh, flowers, as five retro classics have been announced for release this month. The first one out of the gate is Dragon's Curse, which arrives tomorrow for a cheap 600 Wii Points. The rest of the four releases are strewn throughout the entire month with no firm release date nailed down as of yet. The entire list of TurboGrafx-16 Virtual Console April releases are below:

Dragon's Curse - Hudson Soft - April 2 - 600 Wii Points
Shockman - Hudson Soft - April - 600 Wii Points
Battle Lode Runner - Hudson Soft - April - 600 Wii Points
Bonk's Revenge - Hudson Soft - April - 600 Wii Points
Bravoman - Namco Bandai - April - 600 Wii Points

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