April Fool's Alert #3: MGS4 on Xbox 360

Joystiq reports: "We still can't tell if this was intended as a joke, but VG Resource Center says they have confirmation of MGS4 on the Xbox 360. VGRC claims they have an email from Konami stating, "Yes, in fact, we are working on putting Metal Gear Solid 4 on the Xbox 360 and PC, which should both come out roughly 6 months after the PS3 release. However, we've been working with Microsoft so the 360 and PC versions will both take advantage of Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live, with such features as achievements and the ability for 360 and PC owners to play against each other in multiplayer. I'd love to give you some more details, but this is already pushing it. We are making the big announcement July 11th at this year's E3, so you'll just have to wait until then. Sorry!"

So, the source at Konami acknowledged the game, announced another platform, said it would have Live capabilities, says the big announcement won't be till July 11, puts it all in a perfect quote and then apologizes that they can't give away any more information? Damn, you already gave away the whole cow, what are you apologizing for? We don't need anything else!"

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TheXgamerLive4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )


I'd buy MGS4 but not DMC4, but to be honest, I don't like either really.
MGS4 is too video reliant and that just irritates me, when I actually want to play my game and not just watch it.

zonetrooper54273d ago

Maybe it is an April fools joke or maybe its actaully true. If this rumor keeps on coming back like the Elite 360 rumor than i suspect MGS4 might just come out on the Xbox 360 and PC.

neogeo4273d ago

I own both so I will get the better one.

Rockstar4273d ago

So the one for the PS3 then.

Robotz Rule4273d ago

Happy April fools day everybody!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.