RatedG4Gamer: Resident Evil 5 Review

RatedG4Gamer writes: The Resident Evil series, first released in 1996 on the Sony PlayStation, was a revolution in horror gaming. It was known for its tight camera angles, jump out of your seat moments, puzzle solving and extremely corny voice acting. Since then, the series has gone from strength to strength, including a number of spin-offs and a Hollywood movie series. The last game, Resident Evil 4, changed the series from its pre-rendered backgrounds and fixed camera angles, to an over the shoulder view in a fully realised 3D world, with a new control system that revitalised the franchise. It even received two perfect scores for the Wii version from the notoriously harsh editors at Japan's Famitsu magazine. So can Resident Evil 5, the latest game in the series and one of the most anticipated titles for early 2009, hold a flame to its predecessor?

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