Gamer Limit Review: Bionic Commando

Gamer Limit writes: "When the original Bionic Commando was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, I would have been too young to do well at it, even though I owned a NES. Now, almost twenty years later…how does the world of Nathan Spencer and his bionic arm hold up?"

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stevedawonder4400d ago

This man is a genius! Best Bionic Commando review I've seen yet. All those people who said it sucked are wrong.

Clance4400d ago

This game's gotta take the backseat for a bit. Behind infamous, red faction, wolverine etc :o(

chrisjc4400d ago

Yea this game seems "ok", but not as horrible a rap as it's been getting.

AcesAndEights4400d ago

Aye, seems a lot of people have been giving it a bad time for no reason, seems pretty fun, and in this sort of game, that's all that matters really.

Fullish4400d ago

same, when i get the chance..
Which could be years away.