PS3 now the Fastest Selling Console in History

Sony has hit the 400 million Euro mark to cap off its launch week that saw PAL territories snag 600,000 of Sony's units to make the PS3 not only the most expensive console to date but also, according to ChartTrack, the fastest selling one in game history.

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xfrgtr4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

Very good news,400 millions euro(money) and 600000 sold in less than a week,HAHAHAHA where are the poor wii and ,the already dead in europe, the 360

uxo224273d ago

Does saying in less than a week actually give the story a bit more bite. Her's a question, whose taking down sales numbers in the "in less than a week category" One other, doesn't fastest selling console status start from the FIRST date that the console was released. OR DO YOU MEAN FASTEST SELL IN EUROPE. Because, base on the release dates, the wii has sold more consoles than the PS3, so should it be the fastest selling based on their initial launch dates?

So sick of all this BS pointless boasting and bragging by a bunch of Whack A$$ B!tches who has nothing better to do than suck on MS and Sony's wangs! GET A LIFE.

Joe4272d ago

Dude, the PSP was the original record holder in Europe and now is broken by the PS3. However, where is the PSP now? Getting it's "rear" handed over by the Nintendo DS. The real question is "Why didn't they sell out like the XBOX360 and Wii launches?". If they have plenty of stock left over, it only means that the early adopters bought the system. Let's see the numbers 6 months down the line. If things are pretty consistent, then my hats off to Sony. If sales slow down, then you know what than means... PRICE CUT!!!

PureGamer4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

Why do people post this shyte, it only makes mart, POG, other people cry and make up BS to some how surport MS. Who actually cares about sales figures anyway?

EDIT: There you go, look below, you have it right there. They cant handle the facts and actually care :)

4273d ago
rowdy 14273d ago

if it was 360 you'd be talking sh1t

MikeGdaGod4273d ago

within a certain time frame.