GI Hands-On: Team Fortress 2

Game Informer has given you the past and present details about Team Fortress 2 from the developers in our extensive interviews, but there's one more slice that's missing. How exactly does it play? Game Informer were fortunate to be one of the few people to actually get hands on with the new version of Team Fortress 2, and from the time they actually got to play came away completely impressed.

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zonetrooper54273d ago

I really can't wait for this game, i'm gonna get it for the PC.

sandip7874273d ago

on 360 and ps3 aswell.
this looks immense. but the whole pack does too, HL2, HL2 ep1, HL2 ep 2, portal, team fortress 2, now thats value for money

zonetrooper54273d ago

I already got half life 2, counter strike source, day of defeat source, half life 2 epsiode 1 on my PC already, i would of got it on my xbox 360 but i just prefer half life on the PC it just feels alot better.