GO3: Kojima Talks Metal Gear History and Future

Innovation, by design or by necessity, seems to be Hideo Kojima's motto. Beginning his address to the Australian GO3 conference in English, Kojima-san started out with the standard pleasantries, complimenting the Perth area, and mentioning he was "surprised there weren't kangaroos everywhere!"

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ALIEN4273d ago

MGS4 will be the best game of the year, I hope it remains a ps3 exclusive.

gnothe14273d ago

Why do you hope that!! if its a great game dont you think everybody should be able to play it!!

PureGamer4273d ago

i hope the same, because most of the xbox fanboys on here are tossers they dont deserve anything, because all they care about are the politics of MS and the sales figures. They dont care for the games.

DrWan4273d ago

because multiplatform games needs to take the lowest denominator of each system so they can't max out anything..

Cell more powerful, but can't use it fully.

Xbox's GPU more powerful, but can't use it fully.

BlueRay has more room, but can't use it fully.

End result, you will get the crappiest game that everyone can enjoy. Games need to go their exclusive ways again.

BubblesDAVERAGE4273d ago

Stay exclusive to ps3..I could care less wat u play...if u wanna play buy a ps3..Just like if u wanna play halo u buy a xbox

The Snake4273d ago

I want this game to be a PS3 exclusive. I have all 3 consoles and know my 360 will deliver some badass exclusives. It's a given. As for my PS3, it will as well, but since I paid as much for it as I did, (these things are expensive) I'd like it to keep some exclusives that play to its strengths in order to make me feel the purchase was worthwhile. Undoubtedly all consoles will prove themselves in my eyes, but the sooner the better. My 2 cents.

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Says you4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

For the XBox 360 considering PS3 needs exclusives if the XBox 360 exclusives is that good why did they even bother stealing PS3 games and putting it on the XBox 360. if XBox 360 games are that good.

Ru4273d ago

jeez guys quit being so dumb

LSDARBY4273d ago

You couldnt be more true, MS fanboys just care about sales figures and the politics of it all. Not about the games. Which is really lame and sad.

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