Nvidia To Recall Every 8800 GTX/GTS Card

Ever since NVIDIA released their revolutionary GeForce 8800 GTX and GeForce 8800 GTS graphics cards, users have been complaining about the poor Vista driver support and how these expensive cards have failed to improve their performance in games. That may now come to pass, in a manner of speaking.
An NVIDIA engineer, who wishes to remain anonymous, has just clued us in on the whole deal. This engineer claims that while allegations of poor gaming performance are correct, the reason is not really poor drivers. Brace yourselves for the truth....

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Antan4270d ago

happy april fools everyone.............though i think its april fools day EVERYDAY on here!!!

Premonition4270d ago

The worse april fools news yet.

Bonsai12144270d ago

pish... at least try to keep the bs to a minimum until the end...

sak5004270d ago

laaaaaaaaameeeeeeee 1st april

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