April Fool's Alert: Bungie announces Halo Zero

You have to get up pretty early in the morning to fool the Halo faithful and in any case, prime time Saturday night isn't the crack of dawn by any interpretation. An April Fool's prank of the "We didn't even bother to research it" variety from Game Stooge is what (Joystiq has) for you this time and it has to do with a prequel to Bungie's Halo series.

Don a pocket protector and start up your favorite MC Frontalot album because it's about to get real nerdy up in here...

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Diselage4273d ago

They should announce a pre-prequel to the Halo series, have Masterchief running around as a teenager. Turn the series into a leisure suit larry type game, it'll be great hearing the Chief tell the ladies "You should come over to my place and i'll show you my other helmets". Pure gold!

Covenant4273d ago

Halo 3 announced as a PS3 exclusive, along with Forza 2.

MS admits defeat and sells all assets to Nintendo for $1.

Bill Gates retires to a remote tropical island and becomes god-king to a mass of ex-MS employees. He sits in the dark and repeats "the horror...the horror..." over and over again. Eventually, J Allard is sent to end his reign..."with extreme prejudice."

Sony takes over the earth and subjects all people to living under the rule of the Playstation 1000 (think Skynet). Ozymandias travels to the past and assassinates Kutaragi to prevent this horrific future from happening.

Nintendo, in a effort to end global warming, plants giant mushrooms to absorb excessive Co2...but this falls short because people keep chopping them down to use "for pharmaceutical purposes."

With the world in chaos, Sega sends Sonic racing around the earth in order to reverse time and stop all of these horrific events from occurring.

Order restored. Fanboys can continue to scream incoherently on websites about why X is better than Y and Z.

4272d ago
TheSadTruth4272d ago

the halo zero article wasn't even remotely believable or funny and was a massive failure for an april fool's joke