Bungie announces Halo Zero

Bungie, already having stated that the current trilogy of Halo games story arc would be concluding with Halo 3, have announced a new entry into the popular series, Halo Zero. A departure from the series, the game is based on the popular viral marketing campaign for Halo 2,, following the adventures of...

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Neutral Gamer4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

Damn, I started reading this article up to half way and actually thought it was real ... until I realised it was April 1st today.

Funny story though! It's always the ones which intertwine actual facts into their stories which sound the most convincing.

ANoobsJourney4273d ago

Pimps at Sea 2. Or maybe Gimps at Sea :)

Yo Wassap4272d ago

At least Bungie has a sense of humor, unlike some developers...

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