Confirmed: Nomura No Longer Involved with Final Fantasy XIII

GOONL!NE: Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed to Dengeki PlayStation in an interview that he is no longer involved with Final Fantasy XIII.

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TheHater4059d ago

Well this game might suck because of that. Everything this man touch is gold in the gaming world

D R Fz4059d ago

We'll see what happens. Square just has so many problems nowadays.

Cerberus_Hunter4059d ago

Isn't the game done already?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Then that guy was telling the truth!!! Holy Crap...if he was right about that then he could've been right about Nomura leaving Square Enix soon. That's bad....that's really bad.

Edit: Oh wait nevermind. I misread the title. More tired than i thought.

RememberThe3574059d ago

The development team is probably done with the major design aspects that he was working on. Now he can focus on FFv13, and help them finish that up.

Seems like good prioritizing on his part.

rayjelic4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Actually they called him and his team in to help with this project so now that his part is done, he can go back where he's really needed. Shoot if you ask me they should just scrap the XIII project and continue development on Verses/

SaiyanFury4059d ago

First Sakaguchi and now the possibility of Nomura leaving. I wonder what his reasons are for leaving the FFXIII project. If it has to do at all with S-E's business practises, they'd better look long and hard at how they operate if they hope to keep their best talent.

Greek994059d ago

Omg... my heart stopped beating for a second. I thought he wasn't working FFV13 no more. What a relief....

The Great Melon4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Likewise, I thought he wasn't working on FFVXIII anymore when I read that title. Nearly had an aneurysm there.

JoySticksFTW4059d ago

Nomura certainly wasn't happy when XIII went multi-platform

His heart seems to be all about FFvXIII now

I dunno if FFXIII is gonna be that good... but maybe he's already finished with his input with XIII, so he can focus on vXIII now

gaffyh4059d ago

Best news ever. Now he can get to work on Versus and hopefully that drops in 2010

[email protected]4059d ago

The characters design are done so well yeah, he's done with FFXIII. Besides its a good thing isn't? Now, he can totally concentrate on Versus for his heart content and our too :)

Tito Jackson4059d ago

He's not the only creative genius out there.

kevnb4059d ago

14 year-old playstation fanboys sure are funny.

Pika-pie4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Oh dear, thats like MGS without Kojima...

Lukily his influences will be present as the game must be quite far on.. Hes done his work so to speak. Should still be a great game

pain777pas4059d ago

In other words "now whoever made this deal with M$ you port the game over I want nothing to do with it" lol. Versus is his only focus now and it looks like a winner.

cherrypie4059d ago

Sakaguchi-san == Final Fantasy. Nomura is irrelevant.

Want to play some epic JRPG? Pick up Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. Any fan of JRPG will love them.

RSX4059d ago

'Oh dear, thats like MGS without Kojima'


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Skyreno4059d ago

Heck yeah im glad he no working FF13 but... i hope he working Hard on FF13Versus and Kingdom heart 3

GUNS N SWORDS4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

so there goes ff13 vs, it's now being done by someone else.


nvm, yeah i read it like twice, it doesn't say what he's doing right now or next though, it's not descriptive.

Obama4059d ago

Please learn to read..?

Sony Rep4059d ago

He was never a central part of XIII's development

Shang-Long4059d ago

I think he did his job already and now can focus on his work