First Screenshots of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

Wii Brasil shows scans from the latest Famitsu including the first screenshots and conceptual art for the new Suda 51 game: No More Heroes.

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knox4403d ago

wow. this looks great too. can't wait! loved the first one.

N4g_null4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

Better pics at

Seriously the WiiHD is the Wii with motion+ the hardcore haters got it wrong again!

Bubbles to every one showing up to check this game out!

- Travis' ranking has dropped to slot 51
- he still lives in a motel, and still loves anime and wrestling
- Santa Destroy is being remade into a tourist hot-spot, which makes it look completely different
- Bishop is having trouble with some gunmen
- Sylvia has invited Travis back to the world of the assassin
- dual-wielding beam katanas
- new character: Nathan Copeland - ranked 50th, and a fan of Travis
- new character: beam-wielding school girl that may be related to Travis
- new trailer around May 30th

SUda is the man!

Green Lantern24403d ago

damn the wii is kicking ass and taking names.

TruthbeTold4403d ago

But no thanks to Reggie and Nintendo this past year or so. I hope they have some good stuff ready to display at E3. I don't give a sh!t about Wii fit plus.

qface644403d ago

i can't wait to get my hands on this game im gonna play it as much as i can just like i did with the first
can't wait to see all the improvements

Gr814403d ago

Fixes some of the minor flaws from the first game, he may have a true cult classic on his hands. Oooh imagine this game using Motion +.

Shnazzyone4403d ago

dang tiny lil pictures... I can't see it's awesomeness past all the giant japanese type and graphics!!! I have to preorder this one. Man the laundry list of AAA wii titles is so ridiculous at this point is there really still people who thought it was a great idea to sell their wii? Your better off selling your ps3 or 360 as it seems Wii has more games coming then both of them combined and we haven't even reached E3 yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.