New PS3 exclusive RPG, Trinity Zill O'll Zero, announced

The latest issue of the weekly Famitsu has confirmed yet another PS3 exclusive RPG. Called Trinity Zill O'll Zero, the game is the latest entry into the franchise produced by Koei.

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jmiol-on-psn4408d ago

Sony is on fire with all this exclusive,,,keep them coming sony.

xztence4408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

Looks REALLY interesting. I'm putting this on my list.
Could be another Demon's Souls for all we know.

xwabbit4408d ago

R u serious...... more exclusives..........

RememberThe3574408d ago

But I do have to admit that I love the art design.

Dragun6194408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

Scans from Famitsu

Looks Interesting, Can't wait for more info about this one. And I must say PS3 is stepping it up this year with more exclusives, finally some third party support unlike Square Enix.

ThanatosDMC4408d ago

I'll wait for more info since it looks like Crimson Sea which was really disappointing. Yup, Crimson Sea if anyone remembers that game.

Megatron084408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

"Trinity Zill O'll Zero, the game is the latest entry into the franchise"

A franchise that no one has ever heard of sounds like crap to me

I do find it fun that ps3 fanboys get excited over any exclusive no matter what the quality of the game is

ThatCanadianGuy4408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

I know, i understand, it hurts you deep down inside that PS3 once again, for like the 15th week in a row, gets a new console exclusive.

In case you haven't noticed, any console owner gets excited for a new exclusive.Bitter 360 fanboys like you make me ashamed to even own a 360.Ugh. *Spits on 360*

Chris3994408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

It's been around since the PSX days. I sincerely hope that this is localized (or at least semi localized as in Demon's Souls).

This is perhaps the greatest year for gaming, ever!

Megatron, you need to work harder on your trolling. This is 2009 and there are some SERIOUS trolls outdoing you on a daily basis. If you're going to insult something you could at least look it up on the internet first so that you look credible. A simple trip to wiki would have given you most of the information that I knew.

Take some troll night classes, get some troll coaching (try The Mart, I hear he's pretty good), and better luck next time little fellah!

The Great Melon4408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

hmmm... if the game is like what you said Chriss999, I look forward to trying this game out.

Megatron084408d ago

pixelsword whats your point ? I based my opinion on Too Human on playing a demo and the info that was available at the time. All anyone is basing a opinion of this game on is the fact the its said to be ps3 exclusive. Nothing is known about the game at all there isnt even a single screen shot of the game. Only thing anyone knows is that it part of a franchise that no one has even heard of.

and if the game turns out to be multi plat like FF13 all you fanboy will switch your opinions so fast its not even funny.

DMC4 went for being called a AAA by ps3 fanboys to being called crap. FF13 the same thing , VF5 that too, and even long time exclusive Tekken 6 is now being called crap by fanboys cause it went multi plat. You all are a sad and pathetic bunch.

pixelsword4408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

My point was that while you find it fun that "ps3 fanboys get excited over any exclusive no matter what the quality of the game is" I can easily find you doing the same thing... except no one knows the quality of Trinity Zill O'll Zero, and Too Human's quality has been proven to be sub-par even on the day you posted as shown by the posts of other people who played the game. And that's you: you don't know what this game will be like but already you are suggesting Trinity is of low quality.

I don't personally think Too is unplayable, for example, but I know it's not up to snuff to what is on the 360; and I certainly wouldn't be criticizing a lover of a rival console for getting an exclusive, unless I am at least familiar with the legacy of the developers.

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Skyreno4408d ago

SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! PS3 Too many exclusive ...looking back my walet %$%%^$ im broke

PirateThom4408d ago

There were other things in that issue of Famitsu?

Stationfan4408d ago

"ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED, DOES SONY NOT AMUSE YOU" (said in a Gladitorial voice)yeah sony is going hard with those exclusives.

peedie164408d ago

Good I have been dying for JRPGs

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