Guitar Hero 360 Effects Pedal Confirmed

Praise be to the Circuit City's and Wal-Mart's of the world as Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 has arrived a few, scant days early on Mount Joystiq. What? You actually go to a game store to buy your games? You should probably stop doing that. After shredding it up like only nerds with tiny, plastic toy guitars can, we actually took a look at the instruction manual, curious as to any information regarding the mystery port found at the base of the X-Plorer.

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Caxtus7504280d ago

sorry but could someone tell me what the pedal does?

UrbanJabroni4280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

A pedal is basically a "switch" to turn on a bunch of potential "filters" of the guitar sound as it comes out of an electric guitar to the amp.

Let's say that for the chorus of a song you want the guitar to have a more metallic sound or an echo effect, you'd hit the pedal with your foot for those chords you want to be run through the filter...since both hands are a little too busy to hit a switch somewhere. ;)

Caxtus7504280d ago

ok :) thanks very much :)

So in terms of guitar hero, the idea is that you will have to changed effect at different parts of the song im guessing.

gogators4280d ago

I just hope they will send additional guitars to market.

Neutral Gamer4280d ago

Now if they just added groupies, the whole Guitar Hero package would be totally realistic ...

gogators4280d ago

but after a couple of beer they would only be a distraction

GEV1L4280d ago

Im sure that they are going to implement it s that you have to stomp the stomp box whenever and effect is changed in a song: eg going from clean to distortion, when a pahser or such is turned on etc. I've said it before though, I'll say it again you are better off just buying a cheap ibanez or epiphone and a cheap pratice amp and learning to really play the guitar. With a little practice even some of the songs in this game can be suprisingly easy to play in real life.

Caxtus7504280d ago

I myslef play the guitar...and you are probably right...but its a bit of fun.... :) nothing too serious.