New York appalled with GTA IV setting

Political leaders, politicians and policemen have already downloaded the GTA IV trailer, watched it numerous times, and gone ape at the fact that the fictional city resembles New York.....

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Torch4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

all the while the other mediums of entertainment continue to play-out as they please scott-free.

An endless list of movies come to mind which are just as bad, or even shadier than what this game portrays. Even television gets a free ride in comparison: In this season of one of my favourite TV shows, 24, they blew up a nuke on American soil...during prime time for all ages to see. And I can't count how many times I've seen someone on the Sopranos (another gem) get brutally beaten, raped, or horribly killed. I don't think it's led to any consensus that real-life Jersey is riddled with mobsters and murdered corpses, and should therefore not be portrayed in such a manner.

I think these big-wigs simply like hearing their own voice. How about they forget about all this P.R. propaganda, and instead focus their energies and resources towards erradicating or minimising the city's very real, non-fictional crime issues, which prove to be the only true threat.

Wanna do some good? Instill values of right-and-wrong in your kids from early on, so that when they do come across questionable material (and oh, they WILL no matter how desperately you try to avoid it), they'll be able to differentiate a dark-themed video game, movie, song, or television show from real life, and act accordingly.

Neutral Gamer4277d ago

... parents who give their children no correct sense of morality do.

I agree with you TOrcy mate, It's not about religion or movies or games, it's all about knowing the difference between right and wrong. If only the media would ever tell people the facts rather than doing their typical tabloid journalism.

You made a very good point TOrcy, and you deserve positive feedback for that, I just wish the media were as positive and logical in their comments ...

Xi4277d ago

I think it simply teaching kids more about real and fake. Discussing the differences between what's happening on a screen, be it the big screen or the one in your living room, and what actually happens in real life. The videogame scapegoat over used, anyone who ever did anything violent and played a video game will in someway be tied back to it.

My son went on a rampage at school, the blame can't be placed on me, the parent who neglected to take notice into my son's habits, their very evident signs of depression and mood swings, the fact he came home crying after school. Or society and our over fascination with violence, weapons and glorifying the evening news. Nope cant be Can't be that I did everything right, I even bought him games that he shouldn't be playing, and movies he shouldn't be watching. Thats it, lets blame the game industry, and music!

Yo Wassap4277d ago

exactly what i've been saying in the real world, positive feedback

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Ps30074277d ago

They should have picked a different place. I wouldnt be surprised if this game gets totally banned all across the US...

People arent going to mess around with this especially given its Rockstar.

I say it gets cancelled and/or banned through out the US before its release.

Sad but not like Rockstar hasnt pist off every single person about now (except for gamers)...

Should be interesting to see how this whole thing pans out. If ever a game would cause national law for video games it would be this one.

Oh and the whole "liberty city" non sense isnt going to fly with the freakin statue of liberty in the game.

JOLLY14277d ago

First Mexico, now New York

ALIEN4277d ago

You must be stupid if you gonna play GTA4 and then get out of you house and do something stupid, u know you gonna get in trouble. I think the goverment is going to do everything to stop GTA4.

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