Zune HD is official, heading your way this Fall

That's right folks, the Zune HD is real, and it's coming this Fall. Microsoft officially announced the next iteration in their Zune line today, making it less of a tripped out pipe dream, and more of a totally tubular reality.

According to the company, at E3 "attendees will see first-hand how Zune integrates into Xbox LIVE creating a game-changing entertainment experience".

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Bitter Tears5050d ago (Edited 5050d ago )

Amazing. My iPhone 3G is no slouch, but this, this is a whole new world of awesome.

So it's now settled, I'm buying this for general use and games? (Zune games? XBLA games?) iPhone for browsing and use as a phone.

I love technology.

RememberThe3575050d ago

This thing is pretty sweet. Nice to see MS didn't cut off support for the Zune like it was seeming to.

SoulBrotha32925050d ago

Didnt buy a Itouch just cause of this...MS never disappoints, always would do anything to be on top..dats y im alwayz on der van wagon..ZUNE HD FTW!!!!

Masta_fro5050d ago

well, i gotta hand it to em, the thing looks great.

I love me some sony, but "give credit where credit's due" so...

Very Nice, will seriously consider buying one.

All Time Greatness5050d ago

Wow sounds pretty impressive. Knowing Microsoft, this is going to do some really cool stuff with the 360 and Xbox Live.

Imagine playing XBLA games on Zune HD....Ipod App Store what??

ceedubya95049d ago

Glad I held off on buying that Ipod touch.

Tito Jackson5049d ago

Or atleast thats whats flying around in all the reports I found.
Doesn't say anything about it in the Press Release, but theres still a lot of things they are tying to hold back from telling i suppose.

XBLA Games on Zune HD? Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. :)

locos855049d ago

I hope it's better quality. My Zune 30 only lasted a year before the software started acting up. I will think twice about buying another Zune. not a good experience with the 1st one.

gaffyh5049d ago

I called it. Zune HD with a Apps type store for games (which is XBLA)

AAACE55049d ago

I was hoping to hear about a Zune phone coming out, but this will be my new best friend! I still have my 30 Gb Zune and will definately upgrade when this one comes out.

JOLLY15049d ago (Edited 5049d ago ) HD radio standard....yum! OLED screen deal! I am actually quite surprised that they have a browser.

GWAVE5049d ago

Nice! Zune has been one of Microsoft's highest-quality products (but unfortunately, the sales aren't there to support it).

My only hope is that this gets some game support so that I can proudly put this with my DS and PSP. If XBLA games is all this "Zune HD" will get, I'm actually kinda disappointed. I'm not bashing the thing. I'm just saying that -- from a gaming perspective -- it would kinda be lacking compared to the other handheld gaming platforms.

Amplitude5049d ago

You guys don't even know the resolution of the screen, how the touch screen works, the capacity, the price, the weight, how good the games are, etc. It's official- Every Microsoft fan ****ing retarded. Yes, more retarded than the killer Apple fanboys.
How they plan on taking on the App store is beyond me. Let alone iTunes. You guy's do realize this is going to be a blantant ripoff of the iPod Touch sold for slightly cheaper, right? It's what Microsoft ALWAYS does. and ALWAYS have done.
Jeeesus. Ugh.

You'd think they'd learn not to buy Microsoft crap anymore. ...nope. Anyway, you guys go back to playing with your X-Box 360's, Window's Vista and Zunes. I'll be going back to my PS3, OSX and iPod Touch. (Literally. Im playing inFAMOUS while listening to music on my iMac and using my iPod touch as a remote. xD)

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BLaZiN PRopHeT5050d ago

It looks like the leaked specs were true. i'm so buying this Day 1.

SumRandomDude5050d ago

Apple is likely to release next version of their ipod touch this fall too. I'll be laughing if apple releases something that blows this out of the way. Dont get me wrong, I'll love to have this but ,competition only makes technology cheaper.

N4PS3G5050d ago (Edited 5050d ago )

Someone care to explain why this "Zune HD " is so awesome?

BLaZiN PRopHeT5050d ago

Go read the article and the leaked specs. You'll understand.

ASSASSYN 36o5050d ago

Use your markIV eye ball and read like an adult.

Why dis5050d ago

Holy crap thats sexy.

" Ever since the issue of a whole new Zune appeared a couple of days ago, everyone's been talking about this future HD-capable portable player from Microsoft, trying to find out more details regarding this issue. However, information is still relatively sketchy, but the pieces of data available do manage to paint the picture of a device that will surely pose a threat to the mighty iPod.

Some of the most interesting bits of info come from the guys over at Neowin, who are well-known for having some pretty reliable sources within the software giant from Redmond. And without a doubt, the most important piece of news provided by these insiders is the fact that the future Zune HD player will be built around one of the most promising portable computing platforms, NVIDIA's Tegra.

Confirmed rumors also include the 3.6-inch OLED full touch screen, the available storage capacities (ranging between 4GB and 120GB), as well as the built-in Web browser and HD radio. Plus, the device will apparently pack an HDMI connector for streaming video directly to one's TV, as well as a Wi-Fi module.

There are some unconfirmed rumors, which might or might not prove to be true, ultimately, such as a possible built-in camera, a limited edition dock accessory in various colors, and 3D Xbox Game Support.

The same sources confirm the fact that the future Zune HD device should be available at some point over the course of fall 2009, when we also might see Microsoft's player become available worldwide, something we've all been waiting for eagerly for quite some time now. Of course, it remains to be seen whether the final version will provide all (or any) of the features mentioned above, but until further notice, you can expect this and a whole lot more from the Zune, especially since MS seems to be quite keen on pushing it forward (perhaps stealing some of that iPod sweet market share in the process)."

STK0265050d ago (Edited 5050d ago )

only problem with what you said : 120GB, from what I understand in this article, the ZuneHD will use flash memory, so I don't expect it to have a 120GB model. Also, they're keeping the 120 Zune "classic" most likely because the Zune HD won't have such capacity. Of course, I could be wrong, and hopefully I am, since I'd like the zune HD to have a 120GB if it's going to support HD stuff.

Edit : so anyone who read the article cares to tell me where my reasoning fails, or will I simply get some random disagrees without any explanation?

Edit 2 : From the Cnet article : "Microsoft plans to continue selling its hard drive-based model, which will have a software QWERTY keyboard, but said it plans to eventually discontinue its other flash models in favor of the Zune HD.
"Expect to see the Zune HD...become the definitive Zune product going forward," Stephenson said. "You will continue to see the hard drive product in the market. (The Zune HD) will take over from existing flash devices.""

IdleLeeSiuLung5050d ago

There you go, I gave you an agree. Your disagrees could be from the MS fanbois, but who knows. Don't piss on their parade, you will get punished!

Cheeseknight285050d ago

Microsoft Fanboys? On N4G? Don't make me laugh.

Sheikh Yerbouti5049d ago

if it is not over 80GB imho. I don't care for the iPod Touch for the same reason. Better off getting a iPhone than iPod Touch.

Still Whydis is right for the one time this month. It is sexy.

But I still don't trust MS with hardware.

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