Crisis Core's Jump Festa Trailer Has Been Translated

We were all very glad to see Square Enix finally releasing Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII's trailer which was featured at Jump Festa, but there was one problem which bothered most of us: It's in Japanese.

Lucky for us, a YouTube user by the name of Kadaaju has solved our problem and translated the trailer.

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Maldread4278d ago

Nice to be able to understand a (bit more) of it too. Good find Soul.

I just can`t get over how good it looks, seems better than most ps2 games, and on a psp. How Square-Enix has managed this is beyond me. If the game get`s good reviews, i`ll have to get myself a psp. I`ve got a good feeling seeing this trailer, so i`m confident it won`t be another Dirge of Cerberus.