Game Sequels That Made You Cry Man Tears

Sometimes the word "stop" evades the ears of certain people. The people I'm talking about are those who seek to capitalize on a successful franchise by releasing a half-assed sequel.

While these people are no murderers or rapists, I still feel like smacking them in the face for selling out some classics. At least then I can pay back some of the pain those developers have forced me to endure.

Anyways, here's an ode to gaming sequels that should be shot, sterilized, and blasted into space so we may never see them again… God help any aliens that get their hands on these games.

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PirateThom4407d ago (Edited 4407d ago )

I think MGS2 was the last game you'd ever get away with what Kojima did there. Honestly, I had loads of trailer discs of MGS2... but had no idea about Raiden until I played the game myself. Now, it would be on the internet days after the game was announced.

I don't remember being disappointed, especially with the Tanker chapter, as much as I had hoped you'd get to play as Snake again. When Raiden met Plissken, I was hoping you'd take over from there... and again in Arsenal Gear... but it never happened.

I also agree with the others, especially CS:S. 1.6 FTW.

yoshiroaka4407d ago

Raiden wasnt so bad...sure he was whiny but i think when he went all nude...that....that.....was say the least.

I have nightmares of him doing his nude running nija flip towards me in a narrow corridor....augh!!!

yoshiroaka4407d ago

I tried to play Final Fantasy X2 but it made me feel strange things that i wanted to stop.

Especially went they met the pregnant lulu and they were all like let me feel it kick...i knew then i was playing the wrong game.

PirateThom4407d ago

Any game featuring females fawning over pregnancy, pop singing and dressing up just isn't for me... the core gameplay wasn't bad, but the content was... horrendous.

4pocalyps34407d ago

i hated ffx-2 with a passion. the first of bullshít ff games to come from square enix ¬_¬ but thers still ff13 and versus to come out to change my mind about them.

Shnazzyone4407d ago (Edited 4407d ago )

Did this guy say he payed 80 dollars for the version of Mario Kart wii with the snap on wheel?!?! Last i Checked it was only 49.99 with the wheel. This dude got scammed! No wonder he holds such hostility.

How come noone ever brings up the trick system when talking Mario Kart wii... that is the most innovative addition to the game while the rest is recycled. still doing tricks off every jump does makes the game feel so much more frantic... If they kept the 2 weapon system and charcter specific specials then Mario Kart Wii would have been gold... alas.