Microsoft wants double click for $2 billion

Rumours are hotting up that Microsoft is lining up to buy online advertising company DoubleClick, which is looking to be snapped up for around $2bn (£1bn).

DoubleClick creates and monitors online advertising campaigns and aims to help boost effectiveness. If Microsoft were to buy the online agency, it would bolster its ad offering in its battle against rival search giant Google.

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i rule4273d ago

is big mac getting on anybody elses nerves

zonetrooper54273d ago

Yeh he is but who cares he will soon be banned.

BIadestarX4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

I don't know if you are familiar with double click, but it may very be the definion of "online advertising". Owning this company pretty much means controlling a huge piece of the advertising market.

truebego4273d ago

this a reason why 360 online game not free
M$ get profit and buy this double clik

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