Modern Warfare 2: Rinse, reuse, recycle?

Safety's Off says: "Call me jaded, call me crazy, call me whatever you'd like, but something about the new Modern Warfare 2 trailer gives me a very familiar, slightly bitter taste in my mouth. The trailer, finally unveiled last Sunday, gave the world the full glimpse at what the heavily anticipated sequel to last year's most popular game was bringing to the table in November 2009. Now, one would imagine the teasers would have benefited the full trailer's official unveiling with a steady hype train following Infinity Ward's every move, but instead I felt as if the full trailer was a bit of a letdown. Truly, it appears that the teasers took away from the shock value of the final reveal, but let's examine it a bit closer."

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SinnedNogara4412d ago

I doubt it. Modern Warfare 2 will have a underwater level, a riot shield level, and a snowmobile level. Doesn't seem at all generic to me. Well, I got to play it to be sure.

cryymoar4411d ago (Edited 4411d ago )

Killzone 2 has a Mech level, a Tank level, a train level, an urban level, an industrial level, a lightning gun level, a flame thrower level. But Anyone outside of the PS3 fan base think it's "generic." Love the double standards.

But anyway, CODMW2 should be sweet! I hope the online is as addictive as the first, just LONGER TO RANK UP!

S4NDM4N4411d ago

Have been done before. Especially underwater levels and the riot shields. Hell syphon filter on the PSP has underwater levels
I want to ask this question: How many people here have played COD 1 and 2 on the PC before COD4 came out?

Has anyone played Battlefield 2 before? I don't understand how people think Infinity Ward is better at making multiplayer games over DICE. Infinity Ward has to be one of the most over rated devs out there. 3 games and all from the same series. That is nothing compared to Monolith or iD.

COD is going to be one of the most milked franchises. Just listen to everyone here: I'm going to buy it but I'm not that excited. Everyone is buying it just because COD is in the title. This attitude is what is killing IPs. You guys complain about milking but you support yourself.


TheIneffableBob4411d ago

If you haven't played COD1, do so. It's the best Call of Duty in the series.

S4NDM4N4411d ago

Most people haven't played COD1. Remember, nowadays it is all about the consoles and multiplayer.

caladbolg7774411d ago

I wonder if MW2 is going to get knocked points in review for not including co-op. :/

BattleAxe4411d ago

Modern Warfare 2 will be a great game, just as CoD4 was one of the best shooters of all time.

BWS19824411d ago

for their time were astounding masterpieces. It's actually hard to compare them to CoD 4 and 5, even if you take out the eras involved...the very first CoD was great, the others were great, none were "bad" per se, but the first burst onto the scene with excellence pouring out of itself.

phosphor1124411d ago

Production value. Something companies (especially big ones) lack these days. I've said this before, in older games, you can see how much they'd change. Now, a game is shat out every 2 years. Not enough time for my college ridden pocket book to recover. If a game was good enough, they wouldn't need new games every two years. Until something new is introduced in these games, I won't get one. I'll just invest money in newer IPs. New ideas, fresh designs. Nothing rehashed. I'm tired of playing the same thing over and over but with different colors. It's not how it should be.

Alcohog4411d ago

Hell yeah, COD1 was by far the best. Its pretty sad when you see all the praise that COD4 awesome as the game was, I felt more like the series had lost its way. 1 and 2 IMO were much better. 3 and "5" don't exist to me.

kylo124411d ago

Apparently, it only happens to ps3 exlusives.

Sarcasm4411d ago

I don't know, but when Dave Chappelle unarmed those two guys and shot them was the best part!


vickers5004411d ago

If you really don't like the game, or actually think it's average, then fine. But don't hate it just because it's the popular thing. That makes you a douchebag.

SL1M DADDY4411d ago

Let's live in the now. The reason COD4 gets all the praise right now is because it's the most recent title from Infinity Ward. If perhaps they supported COD1 up until now, perhaps it would be the title most talked about at the moment.

COD4 is a great title and fun for those who have enjoyed it since its launch. They have offered up decent support and provided solid game play. It may not be the best in the series but it is the one most played right now. Hopefully, they make COD(6) better but manage to keep the insane fun game play and online mayhem that makes COD what it is.

Downtown boogey4411d ago (Edited 4411d ago )

I'm a PS3-only owner and waited freaking two and a half YEARS for Killzone 2 (got over 1500 posts on the website) and I think Killzone is VERY generic and it's going to be forgotten once the graphics are surpassed (maybe U2, dunno). It didn't have a tank level (lot's of other games doo, though), the train level hardly affected the gameplay AND other games have had it too... And industrial level? Sure... The EXO level was somewhat a nice idea, but ultimately boring. And lastly Radec bossfight: LAST GEN IDEOLOGY!

I forgot your flamethrower and Arc gun levels... I think that alone almost enough: Levels based on weapons that aren't inspiring at all.

Marquis_de_Sade4411d ago

The CoD games have always been pathetic, far inferior to Halo 3 and Killone 2, I'm not holding my breath for MW2.

DeadlyFire4411d ago

Seems that Call of Duty is falling into the action movie ideals. Trailer reminds me more of Bond rather than actual FPS game.

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Violater4412d ago

Sounds like a green product, save the planet.

GiantEnemyCrab4412d ago

I downloaded the trailer in HD off of Xbox Live and I thought it looked really good. To me it looks better than CoD:WaW and you can see that lovely 60fps that IW does so well, for a good example look at the trailer where they are on ascent twords a hole in the ceiling.

Still a lot of dev time left as well, the polish usually doesn't happen until the end.

OGharryjoysticks4411d ago

Oh, somebody finally figured out a game on part 6 isn't original.

How original.

360DownINflames4411d ago

Instead of taking the time to make a great updated sequel or whatever they make minor changes and spam the market with the same thing over and over...

Im on an anti shooter binge at the moment. Frankly if you played 1 you have played them all.

Looking forward to Infamous *already played prototype madden and god of war which call me crazy but looks like its close to release. Shooters are lame now a days. Sad when the original counterstrike still out does 99% of the stuff on the market..

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