Take-Two: All future titles will have multiplayer or DLC

VG247: Take-Two says that all future titles will have at least something on the back end for consumers, be it DLC or multiplayer.

The company refused to go into specifics, stating that it's considered on a title-by-title basis, but it said it understood the consumer need for extra content.

The news comes from tonight's Take-Two Q2 earnings call.

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Spike474404d ago

I would have tons of fun with a "peds attack you" cheat code. As for DLC, if it's good I'll check it out, but so far they haven't been that great.

Green Lantern24404d ago (Edited 4404d ago )

LOST and DAMNED was awesome what hell is wrong with you lol you got to give it a try but that going to be hard because it 360 only.

Elven64404d ago

Rockstar is one of the only devs who I would trust with this decision, they have a motto to get as many studios involved as possible. If one studio is good with physics they would do the physics, if the other rocks at multiplayer they would do that, etc.

Jamegohanssj54404d ago

Too bad the one that's doing multiplayer for BS2 is the ones who did Dark Sector lmao!


Gamer_Politics4404d ago

Good news hopefully we can get that big dlc in every rockstar game like they're doing with GTA4

jBat174404d ago

it was more of an afterthought, i think.. anybody here who logged in more than 10 hours on it?

it's fine if they included MP on every game.. but it must have higher quality than gta 4's..

Raoh4404d ago


I'd like to see more single player games. i dont always want to play with people on the internet.

nothing wrong with a good solid single player story.

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