PGR4 out next winter - first details

The first solid details on Bizarre Creations' fourth entry in the Project Gotham Racing series have emerged in the pages of Official Xbox Magazine US.

The biggest feature in the fourth instalment seems to be a whole bunch of fancy weather effects, including water that beads realistically on the paintjobs, sprays from the tires and causes madness in the in-car view.

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Yo Wassap4279d ago

The snow and ice sounds particularly attactive, along with the rain and fog. Photomode is going to be fantastic with the new effects.

LSDARBY4279d ago

i think gran turismo 5 will look better. imo they have better devs working on it. And they seem to focus on the design of the game more than the features in it. Which equals a better looking game.

gogators4279d ago

developers working on GT 5, PGR 4, and Forza 2 are all very good at what they do. All three will be well built games.

zonetrooper54279d ago

Well if GT5 comes out later after PGR4 and it looks better thats because they have had more time to get more out of the hardware, i reckon both games will look excellent but you gotta remember the gameplay, its like the core of the game.

4279d ago
Gamer134279d ago

GT5 should release early next year then PGR4 follow late 2008.

No 1 can tell which 1 will look better because these two racers always on point when it comes to graphics, forza 2 is also shaping up to be the best racer - all we need is a direct feed footage of forza 2 to see how good the game realy looks.

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