The Future of GlobalFoundries revealed

BSN: "There is no secret that AMD probably had the most versatile manufacturing engineers in the industry. Their innovative approach to manufacturing enabled AMD to capture 25% of world-wide CPU market [in the early 2000s] with just a single 200mm wafer Fab, while Intel had several 300mm-wafer Fabs in operation.

As a part of their Asset Smart - Asset Light strategy, AMD spun off its manufacturing division and formed GlobalFoundries, a company whose sole business is to go head to head against TSMC, UMC, Chartered Semiconductor and all other large contract manufacturers.

But, here's a twist - unlike regular start-ups that struggle for cash, GlobalFoundries was founded with $4.5 billion in cash, with future backing going up to seven billion USD, to be spent on building a foundry in New York State [Malta] and continuously improving the Dresden site. In the light of recent announcements of acquiring various staff, we requested to sit down with GlobalFoundries and learn what's going on. Thanks to Jon Carvill, we managed to talk with Tom Sonderman, VP of Manufacturing Systems."

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