First Ever Project Gotham Racing 4 Shots

Here are what seem to be the first Project Gotham Racing 4 images to ever be seen. These scans have been taken from a foreign Xbox mag and are legit. As can be see, the weather effects Bizarre promised are ever so present. This title looks to be a must buy.

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Bigmac5736089d ago

Compared to Gran Turismo. Sorry

Caxtus7506089d ago

I played GT:HD on the PS3 on a HD TV at home.

what was with it?? the graphics imo were terrible! the scenery was VERY fake!!! it was horrible! I was VERY disappointed.

truthfully....have you even played GT:HD???


MissAubrey6089d ago

compared to a normal human being you're garbage.

Neutral Gamer6089d ago

Do you ever wonder why you only have 1 bubble mate?

ben hates you6088d ago

we call them the ONE BUBBLE WONDER

NewZealander6087d ago

and i gotta say even PGR3 looks way better, GT-HD backgrounds look so fake, the crowd dont react in a realistic way and the hills look like 2D cardbord cut outs, textures look lo-res and fake

play both games side by side and if you say GT looks better then seriously you have bad eyesight!

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Smellslikepie6089d ago

First of all, I'm going to have to say these are fake with it being 1st April in Australia and the stunt they've pulled earlier today with the SEGA console.

And Bigmc573: Shut up, How can you tell which looks better when all you can see is a LOW RESOLUTION PHOTO of a magazine. Infact, if theses are real, show me ONE screen on GT that looks better than http://www.mygen.com.au/cms...

GaMr-6089d ago

I actually heard this game looks dammmn amazing. I love GT but I haven't seen anything from it yet. Of course GT is going to be graphically amazing but Project Gotham is looking awesome. I think it might look better than Forza 2

Schmitty076089d ago

2008 would be better because of Forza releasing the same year

coxyefc6089d ago

"Looks like garbage
Compared to Gran Turismo. Sorry"

dont apologise, what you said is a load of crap anyway.