Analysis: Top 10 PlayStation Network Titles For April, 2009

Gamasutra writes:

"While the NPD Group may release retail sales data for North America, at GamerBytes we take a look at what they don't cover – the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.

This time round, GamerBytes has exclusively been given the Top 10 selling PlayStation Network titles in North America for April 2009, information not provided by Sony's Pulse show on PSN this month as normal.

April was privy to three new PSN game releases for digital PlayStation 3 download – Rag Doll Kung Fu, Comet Crash and Flock.

In addition, a number of strong debuts from earlier in 2009 and some perennial chart contenders have turned up to battle it out for the top PSN games -- which Sony releases a ranking but no specific purchase numbers for.

In this analysis, we'll look to see how well each title did, see which March games were able to hold on, and determine what trends this downloadable space might be adhering to."

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