First gameplay details of Modern Warfare 2

NeoGAF member R0nn found the first gameplay details for Modern Warfare 2 in a Dutch gaming magazine.

"So the Dutch videogame magazine Power Unlimited is seemingly the first mag in the world with a thorough hands on preview of Modern Warfare 2. Without wasting anymore of your time, here's the gist of it:"

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kharma454069d ago

It sounds like this game could well surpass the original.

lonz3584069d ago

COD haters come out and play

N4PS3G4069d ago

- The 'snow level' takes place somewhere in Kazakhstan and is called 'Cliffhanger'.

Holy Crap! We get to visit Borat!! I'ts a very niceee :D

jamesrocks31474069d ago

more detail and improved lighting is very welcome, the new modes should be interesting, the sheild thing as a perk where 2 people can carry it in mulitplayer? only noobs are going to use such thing. all in all sounds good so far i just want to see all of this in action bring on E3

to early to say but i do think this could be game of the year god of war and uncharted will be close runners up