Rock Band Unplugged Dated For UK

EA, Harmonix and MTV have revealed Rock Band Unplugged will hit UK stores next month.

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Leord4059d ago

Another one for the collection! :)

Maticus4059d ago

Awesome news, not long to wait :)

AndyA4059d ago

I really wish EA and Harmonix weren't following the Guitar Hero model, with handheld releases and band-specific games.

Leord4059d ago

Why not have the game as a platform, with "expansions" in terms of music?

Fyzzu4059d ago

This isn't much like Rock Band in some respects, though - it's got more of an emphasis on Frequency or Amplitude-style play. And to some extent the game *is* a platform, with the new songs in this being put onto the Music Store for the other systems later anyway.

AndyA4059d ago

No, it's not particularly like Rock Band except in terms of presentation. I just don't see the point in it. You'd think EA would be trying to sort out the mess it made of the Rock Band 2 release.

Montrealien4059d ago

This is the closest thing we will get to a proper amp/freq game and a must buy for me. One of the things that would completely blow me away is if Sony came up to Harmonix to do a proper sequel to those games and put it on the PSN, that would be simply amazing, you guys have no idea how may hours I spent online playing frequency and amplitudethose games where amazing and years ahead of their time. why the f*ck are ATV off road fury 4 servers still up, yet the amplitude/freq servers are shut down? Tell me sony! TELL ME!!!

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Dorjan4059d ago

If you unplug it.. how will it play!?

Milky4059d ago

cool! Looks pretty fun. A little guitar peripheral would be funny though.