Sega Back Making Consoles

Reports of the brand new Sega console coming soon, the Sega Catalyst. Sega finally being financially stable enough to try again, come up with what will no doubt be the future of gaming.

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hongthay4275d ago

Looks like the second bogus console for an April Fool's joke

frostbite064275d ago

They even went as far as to date the article april 1st.

MrFurious4275d ago

pfff zero, april fool again? Let's catch'em

T-Virus4275d ago

at an Aprils Fools this year.

Can we take any news serious this weekend?

BubblesDAVERAGE4275d ago

Though its a joke it would be the worst thing ever...I think sega should team with playstaion..I think this will be nintendo's last home consolewe will see..I think they should make games exclusivley for aint gonna happen yet its more likley then the xbox

shotty4275d ago

You know the former Sega head is Peter Moore, so theres a greater chance of partnering with Microsoft then Sony.

ITR4275d ago

With Sega and Nintendo being the best of bud's right now. (tons of VC games coming and exclusive Sega games for the Wii)
I see Sega heading for Nintendo more then headin to Sony or MS.

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The story is too old to be commented.