Heavy Rain: Pre E3 '09 Info (1up)

In terms of its capabilities, the PlayStation 3 is probably the beefiest console on the market. Unfortunately very few games even start to take full advantage of the PS3's hardware. That's something Quantic Dream intends to change with their brand new Action/Mystery game, Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer.

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4pocalyps33436d ago

cant wait for this game. can join the shítload of ps3 games before that :-)

Socomer 19793436d ago

the PlayStation 3 is most definatly the beefiest console on the market.

I love how they still give a window of oppurtunity for xbox360 to proove itself.

Joni-Ice3436d ago

Just got even more excited.

CDzNutts3436d ago

Very few games start to take advantage of the PS3's hardware????

This is what's wrong with the gaming media.