A New 360 Controller?

It would appear that Nintendo's Wii and its unique controller may be having the unintended effect of forcing the other console makers to look at their controllers and seeing where the designs could be made more "accessible" for the casual gamer. During discussions at at recent Electronic Arts Community Event, Microsoft's Xbox boss Peter Moore suggested that the company may be studying a simplified alternative to its current Xbox 360 gamepad design, according to a report at

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yea they say they're not going to have motion technology in the futur, yea sure they wont

THAMMER16180d ago

There is nothing in the article about motion sensing in the joystick at all. They talking about a less complex joystick. Stop being so stupid and read the articles before you post. I see you are a PS3 fan but you have no reason to post negative here or start a flame war so relax.

Skullreaver6180d ago

I beleive there is plenty of room for originality in the videogame business, but copying the competitors is just getting old! lets be honest, Nintendo has an awsome idea, let them have it! there are other areas that could be explored with other peripherals and the Xbox Live downloads are what is really helping Microsoft right now. Lets just go for new ideas instead of copying everyone else!!!!

Sphinx6180d ago

MS is doing it just to make Sony look stupid, we'll have a controller with motion-sensing AND (gasp!) force feedback! Eh, probably not, that would be a waste... I like my 360 controller!

Mighty Boom6180d ago

Screw the casual gamer! Everyone wants to dumb things down for these a-holes! "Lets make the 360 control simple so the ingrates can have fun", Lets take the cone of vision out of Madden so the people too stupid to learn anything new can have some fun." WHAT THE F#*K!!! If we can send a man to the moon than a few lazy azz people can learn how to play a video game! These "casual gamers" are ruining the hardcore gamers good time! I’m Sick of IT!!!!!

Moostache6180d ago

I personally thought the vision cone addition to Madden was brilliant. It allowed the player so many more options in terms of reading route progressions and most importantly faking out the guys who like to chase the cone on defense.

I was appalled at all the people bytching about how it "ruined" the game and tehn when the 360-version came out and had it off by default (same story for 2007 games I hear as well) I was sickened.

If games are too complex, then get a different hobby. If people can't figure out the control scheme, then go buy a NES at a used game store and play Super Mario Brothers or Sonic the Hedgehog.

I for one think the PS2's dual-shock, the XB-1's S-type and the new 360 controller are all brilliant. Not so sure about the motion sensing controller yet because I haven't tried them, but I would say losing force-feedback for motion-sensing is a horrid trade-off.

If MS were to ever capitulate on this and bring out a motion-sensing controller (or a "simplified" one, even if it was only for XBL-Arcade games) I would be very unlikely to buy them.

dantesparda6179d ago (Edited 6179d ago )

aaah, welcome to the business world, where they dont care about you, but rather selling things to you and your grandma if they could. and grandma is more likely to be able to use the atari joystick with one button than use a 360 controller. youre starting to wake up grasshopper. and you thought they cared about you. they take the hardcore gamer for granted and instead want the mainstream audience. thats grandma and sis.
hence nintendo and their wii. thats why the graphics arent as good, cuz grandma dont care about the graphics. plus it makes it cheaper for them to make, therefore more profit.

OutLaw6180d ago (Edited 6180d ago )

No matter what, if they make a controller that has motion-sensing technology in it. Then they better make it more like the Wii, were you move one hand only and the other is still. I feel that with a technology like that, it wouldn't feel natural to have both of your hands moving on one piece. Think about it? Grab your controller right now and swing with both hands, How awkward it will feel. Now Lets say you have a Madden game or a Tennis game most likely you would want full range of swinging your arm instead of throwing both hands around in the same direction. Thats why I feel Sony is going to fail when it comes to that technology and the Wii with its natural motion of being able to be free to use both hands make sense for that type of technology. So bottomline is if MS decide to do this, then make a controller like the Wii or this isn't going to be a good idea.

Sphinx6180d ago

Nice job on pointing that out, never thought of that in that way... two hands on one controller, while swinging it around does sound awkward.

Moostache6180d ago

That is absolutely correct.

Wavign one controller with both hands is NEVER going to be a useful feature because it is so limiting on what you can do. Look at the Wii controller for a game like Red Steel. If you had to swing the entire thing to make a motion, then you would be unable to move your character at the same time you are swinging - in other words, for everytime your wanted to shoot or swing a sword or anything else, you would have to stop the forward motion (or any motion) of you on-screen character. That pretty much makes the PS3 controller's motion sensing technology useless for any kind of sports title or FPS. I guess it may be cool for racing games, but that would be about it...

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