The PlayStation Network Will Expand Onto Other Sony Products

Sony is one of the biggest companies in the gaming industry, but it also has a much more serious impact on the electronics market with its wide variety of devices, ranging from flat screen TVs to cameras or music players.

But without a doubt, the PlayStation 3 is its flagship product, encompassing a game console, Blu-ray player and many other features, including the PlayStation Network, which, according to the boss of the company, Howard Stringer, will become an integral part of all Sony products, as a lot of content will appear in it.

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himdeel3485d ago

...which also means the Playstation Network will continue to improve an expand for the long term making it a stable amongst Sony products.

Socomer 19793485d ago

PSN Is raking in tons of money. They will be it across all personal electronics and Grow another Brand Name. That Name IS PSN.

Dead_Cell3485d ago

Looks to me as PSN and PS3 were tied together,the PS3's hype and name was going to be used to build an install base for PSN and then to build up from there.
Wonder how they're going to implement it into other products.