Boy steals truck, media blames GTA for no reason

It's a classic case of "kid does something wrong and also plays video games, therefore video games must have been responsible". A six-year-old boy stole a pickup truck from a parking lot and ended up, quite unsurprisingly, crashing it into another vehicle.

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Twizlex3432d ago

It's funny when the media reports on "the media" as if they aren't a part of it, hahaha.

L80BelfDK3432d ago

I agree with both of you. The media is dumb and I hate them, but all of the news I read is technically from the media so I can't really hate them.

Milk is for Babies3432d ago

Writing for a website doesn't make you part of the media.

Vault Boy3432d ago

So where do you draw the line then? At what point on the Internet do you become part of the media?

Milk is for Babies3432d ago

I would say that when the website is owned by an actual company, not just some guy, and the writers are actual employees with salaries, and the writers write news and actually report stuff as opposed to copy blogging, then you are part of the media.

Yokan3431d ago

Medie is as bad as Aaron Greenberg.

XboxBoy3431d ago

Blame the games!

So if I jump from a building with a cape its the Dark Knights fault....please enlighten me.

SL1M DADDY3431d ago

Heck, I can tell you that after playing through the inFAMOUS demo about a half dozen times, I found myself running around town with a defibrillator trying my darndest to electrocute anybody that got in my way... CLEAR!

The Pheen-X3431d ago

@ Slim Daddy

for reals I tried to see if I could manange to jump on a moving car as well as trying to glide through the air and let me tell you, it wasnt pretty. Especially trying to jump on top of a moving car, lets just say no children for me.

Tomdc3431d ago

nah what annoys me is not the original articles, but ones like this complaining about them blaming games. Seriously bad things have gone down and gaming press have completely ignored the incident getting all worked up about the fact they are blaming games! It makes me sick to be honest. Half the time they dont even suggest a significant connection and people make a big deal of it.. (speaking in general)

The immaturity of the gaming press is ridiculous I mean the last line of that article was:

"No one was hurt in the incident except the boy -- he got spanked and grounded from video games for a while."

i mean seriously!?

theEnemy3431d ago

all murderers, thieves, car-nappers, arsonist, rapist, and as5holes have played GTA.


Twizlex3431d ago

"No one was hurt in the incident except the boy -- he got spanked and grounded from video games for a while."

I don't understand what your issue is with this statement.

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h0tz0rz3432d ago

Wow, where do they get off? And I mean come on, GTA still the scapegoat?

Cookigaki3432d ago

Cookigaki blame all life problems on GTA. Even when girl slap Cookigaki in high school before GTA came out, that still GTA's fault.

RememberThe3573431d ago

when I finished GTA:SA I had the urge to car-jack. Maybe I would have, if I was a f*cking idiot...

mrv3213432d ago

The title should be change to 'something has happend no gaming related, media blames games. The usual.'

But c'mon, wouldn't kids also copy no violent games like Mama's Cooking or Assassins Creed and have long wordy dialogue and great cooking skills.

The media never blames the parents because let's face it they would complain.... with stupid stuff like

'I don't punish my kids so it's gamings fault when the misbehave.'

And this one was actually real.

'I am forced to watch my kid play these violent games and I am helpless.'

Milk is for Babies3432d ago

Did you just say Assassin's Creed isn't a violent game?

mrv3213431d ago

Sorry there's another game, why did I put that, my mistake. I'm just trying to find a non violent game, have no idea why that came to mind.

I don't see little children collecting stars and rescuing princesses do you? Mario.

I don't see children umm, racing around a pacific island listening to loud music and dodging monster trucks. Motorstorm

I don't see children save humanity from russiand terrorist after launching two missile from a snowy hill. COD 4.

KionicWarlord2223431d ago

Gta made me get some hot coffe yesterday.

TenSteps3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

So technically the media blames the videogame GTA, but shouldn't the media be blaming the mother if it is indeed GTA's fault?

Either way the media is wrong, the game which the kid played was apparently never mentioned so blaming GTA is inaccurate and if GTA indeed is to blame shouldn't the media really go after the person that let a 6 yr old play a game for the "Mature" audience.

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