Sexy Poker folds in Australia

Australia's tough classification regime for games has struck again, although this time the victim isn't as high profile as last year's big name casualties (such as Fallout 3 or F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin). Sexy Poker--an upcoming WiiWare title developed by Gameloft--has been refused classification by the Board, effectively banning the strip poker game from sale down under.

As its title implies, Sexy Poker pits a player against six different female opponents who wear stereotypical costumes such as nurses outfits, sports uniforms, police clothing, and business wear. According to the Board, the game was refused classification because nudity was used as an incentive--in this case, winning a game of poker.

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Twizlex3434d ago

That's retarded. I'm glad I don't live in Australia, not that I would buy this game anyway.

hitthegspot3433d ago

Oh ya. I can't wait for the wii lap dance attachment...