Windows Vista SP2 arrives for public - Adds Blu-Ray Support

Microsoft has released Windows Vista Service Pack 2 to the public as standalone installers, with a rollout to Windows Update likely within weeks.

32 and 64 bit versions of SP2 are now available for those who want to patch their Windows Vista in one foul swoop – although much of the update has been rolled out in smaller chunks in the past year.

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ForROME3436d ago

I am a little shocked that Windows 7 is already getting close to launch with that said, Im happy to hear SP2 gives you must faster file transfer rates from external devices, I couldn't stand how slow it was sometimes.

jkoz3436d ago

THANK GOD. The file transfer rates are what kills me. That and the recycling bin errors. Such a step backwards but luckily they're being fixed.

PS360PCROCKS3436d ago

It's not getting close. They are running the RC until june 2010. So it's at least a year away.

whoelse3436d ago

I also read there is supposed to be small improvements in performance of games which is always good to hear.

@PS360Wiirocks (or w/e)

Microsoft confirmed that Windows 7 Full Release will be before the end of the year.

Vip3r3436d ago

Here's a thread with links to download the 32bit or 64bit versions.

trancefreak3436d ago

I couldn't get the x86 version to install on 3 of my machines it would say set up error and quit the installation. Automatic updates btw were all current. It gave me an option to download the stand alone automatic updater which i did and with no luck had the same prob.

On the other hand my 2 x64 machines installed the service pack without probs. I might have to clean install my x86 machines they have been working good though.

Vip3r3436d ago

You have to disable your firewall. I did and it's installed fine now.

cruckel3436d ago

yay for blu ray support... who use's blu ray in their computers anyways?

trancefreak3436d ago

I thought about it but decided against it until it becomes a data storage standard. I rather watch them on the tele.

Natsu893436d ago

I already have bluray...
Sony vaio ^^

Xephon083436d ago

if i was traveling a lot i would, get a nice 17" laptop with full 1080p and blu-ray for some 300 on the road.

Balance3436d ago

i do. i have a blue ray drive in my laptop which has an hdmi port. whenever i want to watch a blue ray i just pop the disc into the laptop, put it over by the tv and plug in the hdmi cable an wala, dark knight on the big screen.

BTW whoever above said windows 7 isn't until next year is an idiot. win 7 rc the license key lasts until 2010 for the RC version. MS has already announced win 7 RTM in september.

TheIneffableBob3435d ago

Blu-Ray drives are very cheap now. Only $75 on Newegg.

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Gue13436d ago

Whoa! this is almost breaking news!