400-Disc Blu-ray Changer Coming From Sony

SonyInsider: Attention all you Blu-ray disc hoarders! I know you are running out of space and have been begging Sony to bring a new BD mega changer. There is currently one on the market HES-V1000 200 Blu-ray changer however being so attractive and featuring DLNA server plus 500 Gig of hard drive goodness still did not cut it. Why? Well first all, as a BD player it is pretty slow and takes its sweet time to load your discs; it is not 2.0 Profile and Sony for some unknown reason will not issue a firmware upgrade; it does not have any way to record your HD programming neither it has a built in digital tuner. I could go on with the list of its shortcomings and am pretty sad that Sony has not really thought through all the great features it could have had from the start.

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