ZoKnowsGaming: ZKG's Top 10 Best FPSs On The PS3, But We Could Only Think Of 5

ZKG writes, "This was supposed to be a list of the top 10 first person shooters that we thought were currently available on the PlayStation 3 but as you can see we found that harder than you would think."

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Myst3435d ago

If anyone has not picked up Killzone 2 yet, I saw it at family video new still in the wrap for 29.99. Had to do a double-take and look again to make sure I was seeing things correctly. Other than that I need to give Resistance 2 a try; after playing the first one.

thatruth20063435d ago

We loved it at ZKG, gave it a 5 out 5 actually. If you get a chance go to the site and search "resistance 2" to read the review.