Kombo Hands-on: Prototype

Kombo: Alex Mercer woke up while the coroner hovering over him was lowering a knife into his side to conduct an autopsy. As the tagline for the new Crank movie goes: "He was dead. But he got better."

The victim of some sort of experiment gone tremendously, fantastically wrong, Alex Mercer is infected with a virus that mutates him from a lovable college professor into a destructive beast. Now, we all get the distinct pleasure of playing through what happens next.

Prototype is the sort of game that will send action fans into a state of pure nirvana. From the end of that first cutscene at the coroner's office, players are immediately thrown into a warzone. The game is set in Manhattan, and the island is lovingly rendered. It's not a picture-perfect replication of the Big Apple, but it's close enough to make Las Vegas's New York New York a fitting place for its big pre-release showing. While on the scene, we played through the first few levels, as well as a number of the deeper cuts from later in the game.

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hatchimatchi4059d ago

"We noticed that the PS3 version was visually crisper than its 360 counterpart, so we'd encourage equal-opportunity gamers to purchase the former."



lol, sorry i had to.

The game sounds really solid, definitely gonna check it out.

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wasn't this preview already posted here? its 4 days old