Reaction to the Elite's announcement has been negative.

Internet-based research has found that the buzz regarding the recently announced Xbox 360 Elite system has so far been negative, although intent to purchase the system still remains high.

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soldier sean4274d ago has been negative , but i already preordered mine so i dont fit that demographic. If you think about it , sooner or later , my harddrive is going to get to the point where its so full of xbla games and what have you that it will cause problems ... after all how many of you have had a pc work fine until you start nearing the last quarter of life of your hdd , and it starts acting up on you?
My point is , i for one , was going to buy a 120gb hdd anyway down the line , so if i was going to buy it anyway , why not just spend an extra 20-40 bucks and get an elite which not only comes with extra space on the hard drive (5x) , but also with hdmi support which causes zero interference , iptv already pre installed and its a nice black finish that combines with every piece of electronics i own. I will sell my premium for 300 dollars meaning that this investment will cost me the same $200 that upgrading to an individual 120hdd wouldve cost me.

Would i have prefered it came with that talked about 65nm chip , YES, but being able to give myself the piece of mind now by transferring my 2 year extended warranty (which has saved my ass twice now) is priceless.

Ps3Fanboy7774274d ago

And people said the Ps3 was expensive.

The Elite is what Microsoft should have started off with and everyone knows it.

This wont be the last time they do this. Expect a new model next year.

gta_cb4273d ago

everyone should know that they redesign EVERY console, so everyone that has brought an XBox360 (including me) only has there self to blame IF there gonna cry about it. as for me i dont care, i still have space left on my 20GB HDD and i dont have a high deff TV... yet :P when i do get a high deff TV i will be trying the component first :P people say it looks really nice :D

Covenant4274d ago

I suspect most of the negativity is coming from current 360 owners, especially those who bought systems since Christmas and were under the impression that the Pro edition was the best there was for 360 gaming.

Truthfully, I don't think this hurts MS in the long term, but some negative press/opinion may be forthcoming and may hurt them short-term. Personally, I'm rooting for my system to crap out after April 29th (Best Buy replacement plan) and I'll just pay the difference.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4274d ago

People want the Elite and already have the Premium are a little p!ssed. But many have lined up to buy (weird) I just need the adapter and Harddrive the rest I don’t care about. IMO I think Microsoft is targeting potential new owners more than the current owners. What gets me is, it’s the fans that asked for this and Microsoft gave it to them and now they complain. Some on the Xbox forums say things like they should have had this out at launch, as if Microsoft or any maker of home electronics can just pump these things out in a week for there impatient spoiled A$$es.

Says you4274d ago

Lead because alot of morons buy two XBox 360 for know reason at all so in my conclusion the XBox 360 has a fake headstart and Microsoft are counting the people that bought an XBox 360. or probably dont know that the same person bought another XBox 360 so technically that doesnt count huh no wonder XBox 360 has a big lead for now considering people are buying like three Xbox 360 or two of them and plus buying another XBox 360 thats an upgrade is just dumb. Microsoft doesnt know what there doing infact the XBox 360 fans dont even know what there doing because there buying two or three XBox 360 for themselves. this next gen is just plain ridiculous that means the people that bought more than one XBox 360 are just dumb as hell.

scarlett_rg4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

"Overall sentiment for the Elite is negative, and is currently below the positive sentiment garnered by the Wii and the Playstation 3."

What planet has this guy been on? Since when has the PS3 generated "positive sentiment"?... Since it's had a few good articles written due to breaking a few sales records?

It's some impressive records to be sure, but it's not spectacular like many people seem to think it is. I guarantee that if Nintendo stocked up 1 million Wii units (even this long after it's launch), then released them all in the same day, that they'd blast those PS3 numbers out of the water.

As for the Xbox360 "negative sentiment"... ya, no crap. I'm not going to sit here and write how great it is that MS is releasing this (and yes, it is great). That's just going to rub it in the face of anyone who already has a 360 and might now want an Elite... and that's just not a cool thing to do.

I didn't buy a 360 yet, because I was planning on buying a PS3... but I'm just not impressed with Sony this time 'round (especially if they think HOME is going to be their big savior)... so now I'll buy the 360 Elite. But I'm not going sit here and say how awesome it is, and that MS is great for releasing it... because quite frankly, other 360 owners don't need to hear it. They all have a great system that's amazing for it's intended purpose (playing games).

I wouldn't have the best things to say either (if I already had purchased a 360)... and fact is that pretty much anyone who posts into forums already has a 360... so naturally there's going to be more negative comments.

It's an overall good strategy for Microsoft, and I imagine it will steal away many potential sales of PS3s to boot. Just sucks to be Sony right now. They've lost me, and seems many many others too. Good luck to them though. They'll certainly need it.

soldier sean4274d ago

whoah there SAYS YOU

settle down , settle down...

i have only bought one system....the others i didnt pay for , ms did. and now that im upgrading to an elite , i still will sell my premium so technically i will own only one. and have bought only one. i dont think you are reffering to me , but i just had to point this out anyways.

and to add to that , i just wanted to point out that if you have bought a 360 , you are far from being a moron , you are an intelligent consumer.

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