Major Nelson or Major Fanboy (Editoral Piece)'s MrCarpalTunnel writes:

"So today I(MrCarpalTunnel of XBL Radio) listened to Major Nelson's Podcast (or should I say infomercial). I(MrCarpalTunnel of XBL Radio) am so glad he has a podcast because it makes "Real Gaming Podcasts" shine. I(MrCarpalTunnel of XBL Radio) pondered on writing this post for quite some time, but cringed on how it would be received? Would I piss off some fans? However, in the tradition of our cast, which is honest, I felt it is worth stating. Here is my issue.

1. Major Nelson was in awe at the larger HD. For us owners it costs us almost 700 to get it. Keep in mind we already purchased a 360. His remedy for us if we chose to purchase it al la cart is to trade it in at Gamestop. Wow, with their prices on month old 360 games we may be able to get lunch.

2. Major seems to be ecstatic about the color or the new Elite. Hmmm… he sure seemed to think the PS3 was unoriginal looking. (Remember I listen to all of his casts.) Now get this: It was also stated that to get the "true-black look", new controllers have to be purchased.

3. They kept on comparing the price of the HDMI 360 to the PS3. However they never stated the lack of a HD-DVD player.

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Caxtus7504275d ago

See im gonna have to disagree having literally just listened to the new Major Nelson podcast. He himself was questioning as to the price of the new HDD and the reason given is genuine imo. As for the bias...they spent much of #218 praising some of the PS3's features and games.

"So we are to be happy because we have to pay to make sure it works."

yes.....its a business...people spend hours doing this....

This may seem like a bias comment but i love both my PS3 and my 360. I have a lot of respect for Major and I feel it is unfair to slate his podcast for being an advert.....after all isnt this article just an advert for your podcast??

Hooded Vendetta4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

This is clearly not news of any sort, Please dont plug your article.

Boink4275d ago

that major nelson DOES work for MS?

I believe he is a gamer, but you also don't bite the hand that feeds you, he will complain internally, but not publically about things he doesn't like.

silent ninja4275d ago

what do u expect he works for MS so everthing he says is in favor of ms

FeralPhoenix4275d ago

yeah....this is really silly because Major Nelson is not independent, if he really does listen to his podcasts he does complain or question some things that M$ does, but its a NO BRAINER that he's heavily biased(a fanboy) and at the end of the day he works for M$ so of course its in his best interest to hype the 360. -Wow, and is really "semi-official." -lol Next the headline will be:

"Peter Moore or *Moore fanboy?" -*(Editorial Piece) -then,

"Phil Harrison or Phil of Sony BS" -*(Editorial Piece)

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