Feature: The future of survival horror as a genre

On PlayDevil is an interesting feature about the "future of survival horror as a genre".

Here's a snip from the article:

"The first time one of the rabid dogs jumped out at me in the halls of the mansion in RE1, I wet myself. They were fast, the event was unexpected, and Jill was a feminine character who carried a pathetically weak pistol who also had less than a full clip. It didn't matter that the dog was made of about five polygons, it made me jump out my seat.

Playing the GC remake a few years ago, with the awesome graphical upgrade, even though I was expecting it, the sheer shock and the massive graphical upgrade still made me jump.
Additionally, the fact that you still had very limited ammo made the choice between fight or flight far more pressing. These dogs were fast though, and could pin you to the ground, tearing away at your throat, so the choice to run always made you sweat just as much, as you'd never know if the snarling, bloody dogs would catch up to you and eat your face off just as you were about to open a door."

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ApocalypseShadow4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

the problem with current horror games is that they are not scary anymore,they are not suspenseful and they lack quality sound that creates tension in the back of your head.

my ultimate horror game would consist of:

1)i would first make it dreadful and make you want to not want step into the game world for fear of a heart attack.see this:

at the end of this video,the woman is so scared,she can't even blink for fear of getting eaten alive.also,look at the fear in the eyes of the main characters running.that should be the main focus:fear of death.RE1 and RE2 used to make you feel that.which is fear of DEATH.
see that?that's fear of death on don's face.

another example:
these images show the feeling of dread,exhaustion,horror,morbid atmosphere.

2)after adding that feeling,the game needs a location.i would make an open world game like gta or have to survive and get out of the city.but you keep getting tossed curve balls.where you can't escape...YET.adds more feeling of "why am i still here in this place?""kill me now."dead rising adds the enemies,but takes the corny approach and does nothing for survival horror.

with an open world,you have more weapons to use,more places to hide,more building to climb and jump across.that would be killer.maybe you will find a car that has some gas left.or maybe you have to find the gas.maybe find survivors that will help you.or turn on you.

i would then take things from siren that has stealth elements.take overwelming enemies like in left for dead.take the production values of the latest resident evil.add daytime and night time cycles where you may have to go out only in the day time.because the enemies are out in force at night.

after all this,i would then make the game that every time you play,it changes your location,location of items and weapons,location of where survivors have taken refuge.and make the enemies run at you like they mean business like 28 weeks later.

see this?capcom gave an indication that they were doing some of this.but then they released RE5 and ruined my expectations.

(41 second into the video)

but this is just a sample of my horror game.the funny thing is that i'm not into gore fests just like john woo is not into guns but he makes killer gun action films.