Single-PCB GTX 295 pixellized in details

Fudzilla: Chinese website managed to get some pictures of Nvidia's single-PCB GTX 295 which is expected to be announced sometimes next month. Nvidia kept the specifications and features of the dual-PCB model, but production costs should be a bit lower resulting in lower retail price as well.

The card has a 2x448-bit memory interface, a total of 480 Stream processors and 1792MB of GDDR3 memory. The core, shaders and the memory are clocked at 576, 1242 and 1998MHz.

We already wrote about Inno3D's single-PCB GTX 295 card here and we expect these to start showing up pretty soon. The same dual-PCB card squeezed on a single-PCB, and we just hope that temperatures will be kept at bay.

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