Warner speaks out on Watchmen retail reversal

Decision to bring former download-only title to retail will 'offer extended gameplay to customers'.

Emerging games publisher Warner Interactive has stated that its decision to bring its previously digital-only Watchmen game to retail is all part of its wider plan for the IP – though it does hint that its thinking was influenced by the need to get the title to market alongside the recent cinema hit.

It emerged last week that parts one and two of Warner's Watchmen game are to bundled on disc and sent off to retail shelves – a move that seemed to suggest that the publisher's 'risky experiment', as Warner itself called it, had failed.

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DFogz4067d ago

I just hope they don't make it ridiculously expensive. As it is now I refuse to buy blu-ray movies because the new ones are 25-30 a pop, and I'll be honest I'll only watch it once, maybe twice so I'd rather rent the movies.
But if it's in the 30-35 price range, consider this the first BD movie I buy.

kb8mvp814067d ago

There are currently a lot of cheaper good movies and if you havent bought the dark knight on blu-ray then your on something.

Automat4067d ago

it will probably be cheap from the get go. will it have a platinum as well?